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Crest Payroll is designed exclusively to empower Accountants/ Payroll Service Providers. Crafted not only to retain your clients, but bring back old clients.

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Paramount’s flag-ship product Crest Payroll breaks the record again with the highest rating for the 4th consecutive year. As a proven product, Crest Payroll is widely recognized by industry experts as the top choice for clients to stay competitive.

Crest Payroll’s Mission; Retain Clients, Accelerate Relationship, Multiply Revenue

Fully Automated – Easily Handle Clients Payroll Now!

It’s time to say good bye to big service bureaus. You can now easily manage your client’s payroll in-house and make it more profitable with the latest powerful Crest Payroll version 2.0. Built as a next generation payroll solution on cloud, Crest Payroll empowers Accountants/ Payroll Service Providers to reduce operational costs and increase productivity eventually building the strongest Client Relationship by being in their mind always. With features added continually, Crest Payroll equips you to address payroll needs of small businesses as well as bigger clients so that you retain your clients from moving to ADP, Paychex or intuit enterprise. Also, Crest Payroll allows you to process payroll across 50 states in U.S and set up unlimited clients with unlimited employees.
Just set up clients, enter timesheet - Crest Payroll will do the rest.
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Why Crest Payroll?

Only Crest Payroll streamlines Payroll with multi-state payroll, Human Resource, Workers Compensation, fully integrated Sales Tax, Document Storage and Management etc, in to one application at no extra cost which competitors provide as add-on or separate application. With distinctly superior technical, functional and security features, Crest Payroll maximizes return on investment. You can collaborate and interact with your clients on secured portal and control unlimited access.

Benefits of using Crest Payroll For Your Firm, For Your Client and For Client Employees

Crest Payroll For Your Firm

  • Manage unlimited clients, employees, payroll frequencies
  • One price, per client, per month
  • No fees per paycheck or payroll run
  • Run payroll in 3 steps
  • Automated reporting, filling and payment to all entities – fed/state/local
  • Direct Deposit
  • Anytime, anywhere web-based access
  • Customization – Clients login from your website

Crest Payroll For Your Client

  • Your firm decides – Simplified data entry/ hands-off
  • Your professional guidance
  • Portal for accessing payroll reports
  • HR Tools
  • Support for unlimited deductions, including union and garnishments

Crest Payroll For Client Employees

  • Employee self service portals
  • Anytime access to paystubs, W-2’s
  • Online submission of PTO, W-4, info changes
  • Direct time and expense entry
  • Multiple Direct Deposit accounts.
  • In-built Time Clock System for 'Punch-In' & 'Punch-Out' for employees.

What sets Crest Payroll apart

Key Differentiators of Crest Payroll

  • Completely Automated – Enter employee time, payroll will do the rest.
  • Hands-Free Tax Compliance – Tax reporting and payments scheduled processed automatically
  • Unlimited Users and Clients - Role-based access for Accountant, Client and Employee Portals
  • Anytime Access – For You & Your Payroll Clients - Access client data anytime, anywhere
  • Wizards to quickly setup clients
  • Cost Effective - Pricing based on the number of active employees per client business
  • Comprehensive PTO and Benefits Management – Track accrual-based benefits
  • Your Payroll Service, Your Branded Payroll Site - Private Label option to reflect firm’s website.
  • Client Portals – Accountants can control client’s payroll functions.
  • Employee Self-Service – Allow employees to download personal information
  • Keep Your Client Relationships – Keep payroll practice in clients mind
  • Custom Reports – Over 40 ready to use reports, custom reports to memorize etc.

Advantages of Crest Payroll
Accurately calculate and pay wages on time, file and pay taxes easily and do more.

Advanced Online Technology

  • SaaS deployment
  • Access data, process payroll, run reports anytime from anywhere with internet 24/7.
  • Process paper or electronic check runs at any time
  • Advanced Human Resource (HR) management tools
  • Automatically handle back-end tasks including direct deposits, tax reporting, compliance, unemployment and third-party payments
  • Online portals help employers and employees’ access payroll HR information any time anywhere.

Superior Results with accurate and quick payroll process to file and pay taxes, share and save reports in any formats, over 40 ready to use custom and standard reports, full track of accrual-based benefits and supports unlimited number of custom benefits and deductions, unlimited direct deposit and printing, complete control over reporting, automated compliance, expense tracking, HR features, employee self-service portals and many more.

Outstanding Services by live help one point of contact for any enquiries across the application with courteous and professional support experience makes payroll simple and convenient any time.

Optimal Savings In Less Time by eliminating multiple software applications for HR, Workers Compensation, Sales Tax, E-Vault 365 etc and paying only for one comprehensive payroll application the Crest Payroll. Avoid penalties, pay-as-you-go pricing only for the services subscribed with no licenses or software to purchase.

Unmatched Security by multiple layers of industry-leading security measures and technology to protect client’s sensitive information.

Salient Features of Crest Payroll

  • Online, simple, convenient, accurate payroll service at an affordable price.
  • Calculates, files and pays federal, state and local taxes for individuals and business owners.
  • Process payroll anywhere, view reports anytime and choose direct deposits or print checks.
  • Automates the entire payroll process.
  • Comprehensive payroll services with all the features and benefits at no extra cost.
  • Serves clients ranging from one employee to several thousand employees.
  • Best practices, expertise, and personal attention to take clients business further.
  • Saves time and money and protects data.
  • Most flexible and scalable payroll services in the market.
  • Among the highly rated payroll providers in the U.S.
  • Recognized by industry experts as one of the top choice for clients to stay competitive.

Restaurant Payroll

There are a number of complex regulations that govern restaurant employees' wages and tips. Paramount BusinessPay handles restaurant payroll including and not limited to the following:

  • —————• Payroll wages calculation using unlimited wage types.
  • • Tip calculation including ‘Cash’ tips or ‘Charged’ tips.
  • • Tax compliance including Tip Reporting, Allocated Tips and Year-end Reporting to respective agencies.
  • • Ability to generate Form 4070A, Employee's Daily Record of Tips, Form 4070, Employee's Report of Tips to Employer and Form 8027, Employer's Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips.
  • • Simple & intuitive reports catered to the restaurant industry.

BusinessPay offers a comprehensive system that is simple and powerful enough to handle the payroll needs of any size establishment with the accuracy, timeliness and flexibility in place allowing you to focus on the operations of the business.

Household Payroll

Individuals engaged in hiring employees for household work are required to report the payroll information to IRS and other agencies. Paramount BusinessPay offers an intuitive and cost-effective online payroll and tax solution for nannies and household employees, including housekeepers, maids, babysitters, gardeners, and others who work in or around your private residence as your employee. Paramount handles Household Payroll including and not limited to the following:

  • —————• Payroll wages calculation using unlimited wage types.
  • • Payroll Tax compliance including Federal, State and Local taxes.
  • • Tax compliance including Tip Reporting, Allocated Tips and Year-end Reporting to respective agencies.
  • • Tax Compliance reporting and filing of household employment taxes.
  • • Ability to generate Form 1040 Schedule H, Household Employment Taxes.
  • • Simple & intuitive reports pertaining to household employers.

Church Payroll

Paramount BusinessPay offers a simple, easy and cost-effective Payroll solution for churches and certified non-profit religious institutions. This reduces the administrative burden of payroll processing and payroll tax filing as per your unique needs. Now, the institution can focus on serving their congregation.Paramount BusinessPay offers a simple, easy and cost-effective Payroll solution for churches and certified non-profit religious institutions. This reduces the administrative burden of payroll processing and payroll tax filing as per your unique needs. Now, the institution can focus on serving their congregation.

  • —————• Payroll wages calculation using unlimited wage types.
  • • Payroll tax calculation including clergy wages, housing allowances and deductions.
  • • Tax Compliance reporting every quarter and year-end based on customized configurations.
  • • Simple & Intuitive reports corresponding to your ministry.

Farm Payroll

Paramount payroll system caters to the payroll needs of farmers, ranchers and employers of seasonal agricultural workers. Paramount offers complete farm payroll compliance including:

  • —————• Payroll wage calculation using unlimited custom wage types.
  • • Customized Payroll tax calculations.
  • • Tax compliance reporting including Annual Agricultural Tax Returns.
  • • Ability to generate Form 943, Employer's Annual Tax Return for Agricultural Employees.
  • • Simple & Intuitive reports in reference to your farm

Franchise Payroll

Paramount offers any Franchisor group with a few franchises or several hundred franchises the ability to manage Payroll using our customized Franchise Management portal. This complete offering for franchisors includes but not limited to

  • —————• Unlimited Franchise management with one secure login portal.
  • • Third-party POS integration to import automated Time Cards for payroll processing.
  • • Web-based Time-clock for ‘Punch-In’ or ‘Punch-Out’ with access from selective locations, Time Expense and Leave management are included in HR Tools and Employee Self-Service.
  • • Payroll wage processing and management of franchises with role based access controls.
  • • Payroll tax compliance reporting and filing of federal, state and local taxes
  • • Simple & powerful standard as well as customized reports based on your unique needs

Paramount offers a comprehensive, simple and a cost-effective suite to handle the payroll needs of your franchises thereby allowing you to focus your time on growing your franchise business.

PEO Payroll

Paramount payroll system is designed for Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) who offer Employee leasing and Outsourced HR services. The benefits include but not limited to

  • —————• PEOs can set up Clients and tag employees/leased workers to these clients.
  • • Set up custom benefits, deductions, pay schedules and payment modes, which may be differ from one client to another.
  • • Paramount BusinessPay seamlessly consolidates the total wages and taxes under the PEO for Tax payments and reporting to respective agencies.
  • • Simple & powerful standard as well as customized reports based on your unique needs.

How it works – Processing Clients Payroll

Just 3 steps - Edit default hours, approve the run and generate reports;

Enter Data - Enter/edit employee time/accruals information as most of the work is automated.

Process Payroll - Run the payroll. When the payroll is approved, an authorized user processes the run, with Direct Deposits automatically scheduled and paper checks available for printing either at the firm, or at the client location, if the firm wants to offer this service to clients.

Run Reports - Prepare payroll reports. Crest Payroll automatically generates payroll reports that include summaries, details, period comparisons, withholdings, liabilities, workers’ comp and other output options. These reports can be printed, saved to PDF for electronic storage, and even shared with clients through their online portal, which they log into from the firm’s website.

Crest Payroll Pricing

Crest Payroll was designed by professional accountants for Accounting firms/Payroll Service Providers that manage the payrolls for their clients. Whether you manage just a few, or even 100 employer payrolls, Crest Payroll offers affordable, all-in-one pricing on a pay-as-you-go basis. No up-front costs, no installation, no headaches.

Pricing is a flat monthly fee on a per-client basis depending on how many employees they have, and it’s the same price no matter how many payroll runs you process for them, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. Monthly fees start at $18 per month per client, based on the number of active employees, and that includes Direct Deposit and the Crest Payroll auto-managed compliance service where we handle all of your federal, state and local wage and hiring reporting.

Assume your client has 5 employees. But each employee is based in a different state. Crest Payroll does not charge any additional fee for the Payroll Tax or New Hire reporting and payments scheduling.

Crest Payroll encourages Accountants/Payroll Service Providers to promote their payroll services with their own personalized and branded payroll website absolutely free. https://payroll.yourwebsitename.com. This payroll site becomes a seamless extension of your practice website.

We encourage Accountants/Payroll Service Providers to upsell their payroll services to their large clients to increase recurring revenues and profitability. Crest Payroll is designed to handle clients with large number of employees and is enriched with features including HR Tools, Documents Storage, Web-based Time Clock System, Employee-Self-Service and much more at no additional costs.

Volume Discounts

Even better, we discount the monthly fee as you manage more client payrolls with Crest Payroll, helping you increase your profit margin. Starting with the second client you service with Crest Payroll, we’ll take 10% off the rate for each company. We’ll make it 20% off if you hit 25 clients; and 30% or more off when you reach more than 100. Can Crest Payroll really handle that many employer payrolls? Absolutely, just ask NAME, of FIRM, who is currently managing more than XXX clients.

ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICING: You and your clients get: Processing for all payrolls and all states, Direct Deposit, employee portals and the managed compliance service, which means no worrying about filing deadlines and payments, because we perform these processes, for all states and localities.

Crest Payroll Security

The integrity and security of your client’s data is one of your greatest concerns. This data is just as critical to us, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Web-based programs offer the greatest of convenience, but it’s important for the companies behind them to take all measures to safeguard data. Crest Payroll uses SAS-70 Type II certified data storage facilities that use the same encryption and security tools as the nation’s leading financial institutions use for their online banking services. Crest Payroll is also certified by the American Payroll Association, TrustE and McAfee. And with role-based access, users in your firm or at your client can only access the parts of the program that you want them to see.

Crest Payroll Privacy Policy

We are committed to preserving the privacy of the data of Accountants/ Payroll service providers and their business clients. We have developed a comprehensive privacy policy to protect our customers and inform you how we use personal information. Review our current Privacy Policy.

Become a Service Provider (Accountants/Payroll Service Providers), make profit

Accountants/Payroll Service Providers can become Service Providers and make additional profit by adding and retaining clients in Crest Payroll.

Accounting Professionals (Service Providers) can extend their firm's brand and scale business with the facility to;

  • Customize completely with logo, color scheme and business name
  • Add new clients
  • Access and manage all their clients’ payroll from one location
  • Process payroll on their client’s behalf
  • Manage clients billing options

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