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BusinessPay is a leading payroll services and human resource (HR) solutions provider to small and mid-sized businesses of various industries. We provide end-to-end payroll solutions right from time-tracking, managing the HRIS, executing the payroll processes, to keeping your organization’s needs in compliance. BusinessPay payroll services are faster, easier, and highly-driven toward effective human capital management. Through an extensive range of tailored services, our seasoned payroll experts ensure that your payroll process is managed effectively.

Payroll Solution


Paramount BusinessPay ensures that your entire payroll function is executed with ease, accuracy and in compliance with the Federal & States laws. BusinessPay offers anytime anywhere access using PC, Tablets and/or Smartphones with in-built ‘role-based security’ controls. Our Subscribers realize at least 30% guaranteed savings on their full-service payroll costs compared to traditional Payroll Service Providers.

HR Tools

HR Tools

Incorporating an effective Human Resource Management Solution can be a challenge in many businesses. Paramount BusinessPay offers HR Tools, which employers can use to manage their employees and related information with ease and effectively. Our HR Tools are seamlessly bundled with our Enterprise Class Payroll Solution absolutely FREE to streamline your payroll processes and HR functions with Compliance management.

BusinessPay Adds Time and Value to your Business so you Stay Competitive and Profitable

Why BusinessPay?

Zero Setup Fees

Zero setup charges for quicker and easier processing

No Contract Locks

Flexible business approach with no agreements to lock you in

Multi-State Payroll

Complete payroll solution with e-File for federal & all 50 states as applicable

Monthly Fee

One flat-monthly fee with no hidden costs


Process payroll in minutes via phone, email, fax or portal

Direct Deposits and Checks

Free direct deposits and checks with electronic signatures

BusinessPay Value-Adds:

The employee self-service portal is available for all active employees of current BusinessPay clients. The portal provides an easy, convenient, secure, 24-hour access for employees to obtain paycheck stubs, reports, and other payroll information.

BusinessPay automated payroll tax compliance solutions are designed to help minimize employment-related tax and payment compliance risks across all 50 states in addition to improving the efficiency, saving time, and increasing the productivity

BusinessPay goes beyond simple I-9 verification and provides full U.S. e-Verification services that can protect your business

As a payroll service provider, we provide a complete payroll solution and file taxes in an accurate and timely manner to avoid penalties, audits, and delays

We offer ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ workers compensation insurance solutions that improve cash flow and reduces the start-up cost of insurance as well as our clients’ exposure to audit balances

e-Sign document offers clients with a simplified & secure electronic document signing in the cloud

We offer a single, unified online time tracking solution and timesheet approval software that generates accurate, detailed invoices and gross payroll as well as seamless integration with QuickBooks

Through an unparalleled integration with QuickBooks and other efficient systems, BusinessPay features online expense entry and approval, robust reporting, as well as project billing support for safer, automated solutions

We deliver in-house training programs that will contribute to your profitability and help you focus on how to make performance reviews/appraisals more effective

Mainly conducted through onboarding and off-boarding management, BusinessPay’s employee asset management system can track the assets such as laptops and mobiles issued to each employee and send alerts to the HR department at the end of his/her tenure

BusinessPay’s garnishment management services significantly reduce the burden of managing employee wage garnishments

BusinessPay provides a 360⁰ management of reports and services to help organizations manage their business effectively

BusinessPay’s one-step accounting software integration simplifies clients’ books on excel spreadsheets, automates painful tasks, and integrates multiple business systems allowing them to run thier business online anytime, anywhere across the U.S.

BusinessPay payroll direct deposit services are free, secure, convenient, and reliable specially designed for small to medium-sized businesses and payroll processors to help them enjoy the convenience of free direct deposits

We offer secured anytime, anywhere access to payroll information from PC, tablets or smartphone on finger tips to increase productivity, and reduce support costs for HR and accounts teams


BusinessPay requires no hardware or software installation.
Start immediately on receiving your subscription and setup entire payroll program in minutes using intuitive wizards and templates.

Process Timely and Automatically:

Paramount BusinessPay ensures timely availability of employee hours as it gives the flexibility to enter time anytime, anywhere from workforce across the country. Just setup the schedule and provide the hours. We will process your payroll on time and disburse paychecks to any work location.

Be Tax Compliant:

Paramount BusinessPay takes care of all your tax deposits, reporting and filings keeping up with the latest federal, state and local tax regulations.

Access Online Reports:

Direct access to online reports, create unlimited custom reports, memorize frequently used reports, report templates for statutory and payroll reporting etc.

Secure Transactions:

Paramount BusinessPay allows only authorized users to enter and view information relevant to their role. Our robust security measures protect against online theft, spyware, malware, viruses and malicious bots.


Direct access to online reports, create unlimited custom reports, memorize frequently used reports, report templates for statutory and payroll reporting etc

      • Preconfigured & Custom Reports: BusinessPay simplifies payroll processing and provides robust in-depth analysis of your payroll and HR data with three standard reports categories: Payroll, HR and MIS.
      • You can create Favorites, batches and custom reports with simple and user-friendly navigation.
      • Export reports to Excel, PDF or any other file formats.
      • You can send reports as email attachments from within BusinessPay to offer unlimited flexibility.