Crest Payroll is a cloud based software which empowers Accountants/ Payroll Service Providers to reduce operational costs and increase productivity eventually building the strongest Client Relationship. With features added continually, Crest Payroll equips you to address payroll needs of small businesses as well as bigger clients.

Crest Payroll allows you to process payroll across 50 states in U.S and set up unlimited clients with unlimited employees.

stars  CPA Practice Advisor Rating for Crest Payroll Software: 4.75 / 5

   Review Date: April 24, 2017

Benefits to Accountants

  • Manage unlimited clients, employees, payroll frequencies
  • One price, per client, per month
  • No fees per paycheck or payroll run
  • Run your Payroll Service under your brand name
  • Automated reporting, filing and payment to all entities – fed/state/local
  • Direct Deposit
  • Anytime, anywhere web-based access

Benefits to your Client’s

  • Your firm decides – Simplified data entry/ hands-off
  • Your professional guidance
  • Portal for accessing payroll reports
  • HR Tools
  • Support for unlimited deductions, including union and garnishments

Benefits to Employees

  • Employee self-service portals
  • Anytime access to paystubs, W-2’s
  • Online submission of PTO, W-4, info changes
  • Direct time and expense entry
  • Multiple Direct Deposit accounts.
  • In-built Time Clock System for ‘Punch-In’ & ‘Punch-Out’ for employees.

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How it works ?

Step 1

Place your customized logo to display it as your own payroll system. Our userfriendly Wizards will help you quickly setup clients Just Enter employee time and payroll

Step 2

Run the payroll. When the payroll is approved, an authorized user processes the run, with Direct Deposits automatically scheduled and paper checks available for printing either at the firm, or at the client location, if the firm wants to offer this service to clients.

Step 3

Prepare payroll reports. Crest Payroll automatically generates payroll reports that include summaries, details, period comparisons, withholdings, liabilities, workers’ comp and other output options. These reports can be printed, saved to PDF for electronic storage, and even shared with clients through their online portal, which they log into from the firm’s website.

Step 4






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