eVault365 is an affordable, easy-to-use online document storage solution within the reach of every business.

eVault365 enables you to access, save and print documents from anywhere anytime. View and share information and documents at your convenience, 24×7.
eVault365 allows only authorized users to view information that is relevant to their role. eVault365 has incorporated robust security measures to protect against online theft, spyware, malware, viruses and malicious bots.
Automatic daily backup ensures data is always safe. eVault365’s IT infrastructure is provisioned with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery measures to enable maximum uninterrupted access to users. Data centers have biometric systems for added security.
eVault365 is a reliable data protection solution since your documents and critical files are stored at a secure remote location for safe recovery in case of a disaster.

eVault365 The ultimate Document Management System

Top class Documents storage and  Collaboration solutions


Key Benefit

  • Eliminate costs of paper, printing, storage and delivery
  • Manage documents effectively through increased security and control
  • No upfront costs: no hardware or software required. A computer with internet access.
  • Quick access and retrieval, anytime anywhere
  • Easily comply with regulatory requirements by storing documents and records electronically and securely.


eVault365 is an easy and secure way to store, access, organize and share business documents such as Contracts, Tax Returns, Financial Reports, Banking and Insurance Documents, Employee Agreements and NDAs, documents/ records etc. eVault365 lets you store critical files in common formats such as Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, image files, etc.

organizeCreate hierarchical folders to arrange and organize documents. You can control read-write privileges of users and ensure that each person only has relevant access

uploadeVault365 comes with a unique desktop facility to upload multiple Microsoft Office documents from your PC to your personal document library in eVault365 in a secure manner. You need not open the browser and access eVault365 website, just select the files to upload and the desktop utility will do the rest.

user-friendlyeVault365 is extremely user-friendly, and anyone with minimal experience of computers can use it easily. You can upload documents directly into a folder in eVault365. Creating folders, archiving documents, sharing documents – it’s all so easy!

eVault365 integrates with Microsoft Outlook seamlessly to synchronize your Outlook Calendar, Tasks, Reminders, and Address Book.