Starting with Crest Payroll

Who can use Crest Payroll?

Crest Payroll is designed to ease your payroll pains. Use Crest Payroll to easily calculate and pay salaries, file taxes and perform other activities.
If you are an accountant, you can use Crest Payroll to easily manage the payrolls of multiple clients.

How does Crest help accountants?

Crest is designed to help accountants serve their clients better. You can process payroll for your clients through a very simple process and manage the entire program effectively. By automating most of the activities, we enable you to focus on providing high-value services to your clients.

How long does it take to set up the system?

Setting up Crest Payroll is easy and quick. You could be up and running in ten minutes! Complex customization may take a few days to achieve. Send us an e-mail at and we will give you an estimate based on your requirements.

Can I access Crest Payroll from my home computer?

You can access Crest Payroll from anywhere, provided you have a computer with internet access and your username/password.

What web browsers does Crest support?

Crest can be used with all common internet browsers such as Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Once we get a subscription, will we be able to customize Crest Payroll to our requirements?

Crest Payroll is easily customizable to your business needs. However, we undertake all customizations ourselves instead of allowing clients to perform the same.

Will my employees need training to use Crest Payroll?

Crest Payroll is intuitive and extremely easy to use. Nevertheless, we are ready to provide any training that you and your staff require to use the system effectively.

What kind of alerts can I set up?

Crest can send you email alerts and reminders triggered by activities such as payroll timelines, compliance timelines, ACH transactions etc.

What kind of reporting does Crest provide?

Crest offers you online access to all your payroll reports, so that you don't have to wait for paper reports in the mail. You can view reports whenever you want and export them into various formats such as Word or Excel.
When your account is set up, you can tell us what reports you want and we'll configure them for you.

What is the fee structure?

We will work with you to develop a pricing structure that is right for you. You can choose to pay either a flat fee or a fee on each payroll calculation, check and ACH transaction and your space utilization. Your fee will also vary depending on whether you are using the eVault and HRMS modules.

How do you ensure that my information - and my money! - is secure?

We have incorporated robust security measures such as form-based authentication, role-based access and Extended Validation SSL certificate to ensure that your information is completely safe. We also have extensive measures to protect data against malicious attacks such as SQL injections.

What kind of support will I get?

Call our help desk at 1-888-847-3781 between 9am and 6pm on business days to speak to a Crest representative. You can also send an email to

Calculating and Transferring Pay

How long will it take to process my payroll every week?

After you click on the "Process Payroll" button, your payroll will be processed in under a minute! It will take a maximum of two business days (48 hours, not including weekends) for salaries to be credited to your employees' accounts.

Does Crest Payroll support direct deposit? Can I print checks too?

Yes, you can have your employees' pay directly deposited into their accounts. You can also set up checks to print instead, or do a combination of both. Employees will get an email when their pay is deposited and can collect their pay stubs directly from Crest Payroll.

Can I set up an alert reminding me when it's time to process payroll?

You can set up an email reminder letting you or an employee know when it's time to run payroll, based on the schedule you set up during enrollment.

Filing Taxes and Ensuring Compliance

Will Crest Payroll perform tax calculations? Do I have to file my taxes myself?

Yes. It will even file your taxes for you. We are registered with the IRS as well as with state and local tax agencies. We will file and pay your corporate and employee taxes on your behalf.

Do you have the tax rates for my state?

Crest Payroll can calculate and file taxes for all 50 states in the USA. We are registered with the IRS as well as with state and local tax agencies.

How will Crest help me with compliance?

We will not only pay and file your taxes for you, we also take care of all your compliance worries! We keep up with rules and regulations for you, and ensure that you are compliant with all relevant tax regulations.
We will also report your new hires to the appropriate state agencies to ensure that you are compliant with regulations and avoid paying any fines.

Supporting Employees

What can my employees do on Crest?

Once the pay has been transferred to your employees, Crest will send them an email informing them that they have been paid. They can log in to Crest to access their pay history and view their pay stubs online.

Can I get my W2's from Crest?

Of course! Crest will post your W2's online at the end of the year so that you can review and approve them before they are final. Once published, employees can download and print their W2's directly from Crest.

Working with Data in Other Systems

Will Crest Payroll work with my existing accounting system?

Crest Payroll is designed to easily integrate with QuickBooks. If you are using some other accounting system, please send us a detailed enquiry and we will get back to you.

Can I import data into Crest?

You can import Excel worksheets with Time and Attendance data, company and employee information etc. into Crest Payroll.

Can I export reports in Excel?

You can view reports on Crest as well as export them into various formats such as Word or Excel.

Storing and Sharing Documents

What kind of documents can I store on Crest?

Yes. There can be multiple candidate pools tagged to different vendors.

Can I search for my documents?

You can search for documents by metadata keywords such as document name, author, format etc.

Managing Insurance and Other HR Services

Can I buy and manage insurance through Crest Payroll?

Crest Payroll offers you the unique ability to manage your insurance needs from within your payroll application. You can select from a wide range of insurance coverages from multiple insurance carriers. This facility is available through Crest's HRMS module.

What HR activities can I manage through Crest Payroll?

Apart from managing insurance plans, you can use Crest Payroll for timecard management, expense management, asset management and managing training plans.