Starting with Meridian

Who is Meridian for?

Meridian can be used by companies to manage their recruitment process for permanent or contingent employees, or by staffing vendors to manage their staffing processes for various clients.

What type of applicant does Meridian support, i.e., permanent or contractual?

Meridian supports all kinds of applicants and positions, including Permanent/Direct, Contingent workers, Temp-to-Hire, Hourly, Salaried, Executive, Fixed-fee, Full-time, Part-time, Internships etc.

Can I access Meridian from my home computer?

You can access Meridian from anywhere, provided you have a computer with internet access and your username/password.

In which countries is Meridian available?

Meridian is currently offered for use only in the US.

How many user roles does your system support? What are they?

Meridian supports five user roles in three organization layers: client, MSP, and vendors. Clients have Hiring Managers who handle recruitment. MSPs have Account Managers who handle the Client's account and interact with Vendors. There may be multiple Vendors, each with Recruiters and Delivery Managers who work on job orders and Account Managers who handle Client accounts.

What web browsers does Meridian support?

Meridian can be used with all common internet browsers such as Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Once we get a subscription, will we be able to customize Meridian to our requirements?

Meridian is easily customizable to your business needs. However, we undertake all customizations ourselves instead of allowing clients to perform the same.

How long does it take to implement Meridian?

This varies based on your requirements and the level of customization required. On an average, your system should be up and running in less than two weeks.

Will my employees need training to use Meridian?

Meridian is intuitive and extremely easy to use. Nevertheless, we are ready to provide any training that you and your staff require to use the system effectively.

What kind of support will I get?

Call our help desk at 1-888-847-3781 between 9am and 6pm on weekdays to speak to a Meridian representative. You can also send an email to

Finding the Right Candidates

Can I use “search" to find the right candidates?

Meridian supports keyword and Boolean search. You can search résumés by skills, keywords, by proximity to a certain zip code, first or last name, or by a combination of all of these. You can also save a search for reuse.

Does Meridian allow email?

Meridian also integrates with Microsoft Office Outlook, so you can send candidates emails from within Meridian.

I need to schedule interviews between eligible candidates and my HR Manager. Can Meridian help me with this?

Definitely. Meridian integrates with your Outlook calendar, so you can send meeting invites to other users through Meridian, and reschedule meetings based on their availability.

Screening and Testing

How can I set up online tests through Meridian?

Meridian is integrated with Kenexa's ProveIt! for online competency assessment. You can choose from a database of tests and administer it easily through Meridian. Alternatively, you can choose to have your own test outside the system and upload the results on Meridian.

Do you screen candidates?

Meridian is aligned with Applicant Insight to provide background checks for candidates. You can also choose to have the background check handled by some other provider and upload the results on Meridian.

How does Meridian handle reference checks?Can Meridian help me with this?

The recruiter performs the reference check and enters details into the system.

Easier Recruiting

Does Meridian incorporate workflows?

You can set up workflows in Meridian to mirror your business process. You can set up approval workflows that require the VP of HR to sign off on a job posting before it is published. You can have parallel workflows that require sign-off from multiple people.

Can I store templates on Meridian?

Yes. Meridian allows you to store job templates and reuse them for future job orders.

Can I use previous job requisitions as a template?

Yes. Meridian allows you to reuse previous job orders as templates.

Is resume parsing supported?

Yes. We use a proprietary tool to parse resumes for the information to gathered automatically from the resumes and entered into the system. After parsing, the information can be edited by the candidate or the recruiter.

Are multiple resumes allowed for a single candidate?

Yes. Meridian allows one Master resume and a number of formatted resumes that can be designed to highlight different sets of skills. You can upload as many resumes of a candidate as you wish, or you can edit the Master resume and save it in different versions.

Can I load resumes from my company career site, email, local drive, shared drive etc.?

Yes, you can load resumes from all of the above. The system will parse the resumes and present it in a common format.

How are duplicate candidates identified?

Duplicate candidates are identified by phone number or email address.

Does Meridian support multiple candidate pools?

Yes. There can be multiple candidate pools tagged to different vendors.

How does Meridian support collaboration?

Meridian enables collaboration through workflow automation, document management, and integration with MS Office.

What kind of email triggers can I setup?

You can set up both ad hoc and automatic triggers (e.g., auto acknowledgements) for activities that you identify. For example, you can send proactive alerts to users about status or new job requisitions.

Is candidate history maintained?

Yes. A candidate's history of job applications is maintained in the system.

Does the system provide the ability to update multiple records simultaneously?

Yes. A list of records can be opened as a Microsoft Excel sheet and edited within the system.

Can additional candidate documents be uploaded and attached to their profile?

Yes. Recruiters can upload documents relevant to a candidate and attach them to the candidate's profile.